Early parenting

The first year of a baby’s life presents many challenges for a new parent. Recognising this, we provide extensive support through our Early Parenting Unit, in a very caring and understanding environment.

Staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of midwives, nurses, registered nurses, psychologist and social worker, the Early Parenting Unit (EPU) will help you:

  • Nurture strong bonds with your baby
  • Gain confidence in your own parenting skills
  • Manage feelings of anxiety, stress and fatigue
  • Develop a sensitivity to your baby’s cues and signals

We also provide observation and screening for any underlying difficulties and can refer you to appropriate services as required.

If you have any questions or need support in your first year as a parent, please call 5997 9674, or fill in our EPU Client Assessment Form and email to epu@krhs.net.au

Parenting support

Becoming a parent can be overwhelming. If you have a baby between 0 and 12 months, our Day Stay Program can help you adjust to some of the new challenges you face.


Breast feeding support

Many new mothers find breastfeeding a challenge. Our nurses have vast experience in helping mothers and babies to learn the skill of breastfeeding.


Sleep and settling

Through the haze of sleep deprivation, it can sometimes seem hard to imagine when you’ll ever get a full night’s sleep again. If your baby is not settling or sleeping well, our Day Stay Program can help.


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