Our environment and the Hewitt Eco House

Climate change (floods, bushfires, heatwaves, drought) may potentially impact on everyone’s health and wellbeing. We are working with health, business and the community to explore and support work in managing the impacts of climate change.

As a member of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals along with the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) we advocate for a healthy planet and healthy people.

KRHS is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and supporting environmental sustainability.

Hewitt Eco House

The Eco house provides information and advice on sustainable living, reducing energy costs, gardening and water saving. The house is a hub for likeminded people to come together.

The Hewitt Eco House has recently had an office extension using an upgraded shipping container. This has provided a terrific workspace and environment for the Health Promotion Team, who have nicknamed it 'The Box Office'. Watch the attached video to see it all come together  https://www.gerardcoutts.com.au/architecture


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