Acute care

Kooweerup Regional Health Service provides 10 acute care service beds which are available for Medical and Transitional Care. Our team is made up of both nursing and allied health professionals. Our aim is to optimise your health to enable you to achieve the best outcome possible.

Kooweerup Regional Health Service provides a safe care environment and complies with all legislative requirements as per the ‘Safe Patient Care Act 2015’ which can be found under our ‘Publications’ banner

Kooweerup Regional Health Service is fully accredited under the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards and National Quality Standards.

Palliative care

We offer community and inpatient palliative care services. Our aim is to provide high quality care to all patients and their families through the palliative phase of their illness.

Post-operative care

Kooweerup Regional Health Service does not perform operations however, if you are from the local community we can arrange transfer back to the hospital for your post operative care.

Medical care

If you have a medical condition, your Doctor can arrange a stay in one of our medical beds for assessment and management.


When you are getting back on your feet after an illness or operation and you need further support prior to returning home, we are able to assist you in this process.


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